Response Made After Reports In NYC Go Viral

New York City, the progressive haven where anything goes, and criminals run rampant, is facing an epidemic of violence against women. According to Amanda Marcotte, the rise of MAGA has fueled this violence, but I beg to differ.

Marcotte claims that these instances of women being punched and slapped are a result of men’s entitlement and anger over not being the center of attention.

“The rise of MAGA is fueled by misogyny. But it’s less a backlash than a tantrum, a rage explosion by men who want to restore their dominance but fear that this time, women won’t buckle to their bullying,” Marcotte said.

However, the real culprit is the breakdown of law and order in the city. As the liberal mayor, Bill de Blasio, continues to cater to criminals and implement disastrous policies, the streets have become playgrounds for violent predators.

And what has been the result? Women, simply trying to live their lives, are being targeted and attacked. In New York City, where career criminals can roam free and be released without bail for their 21st offense, it’s no surprise that violent incidents are on the rise.

The recent murder of Detective Jonathan Diller is a prime example of the consequences of de Blasio’s failed leadership. A man with 21 prior offenses took the life of a dedicated police officer during a traffic stop. This happens when criminals are emboldened, knowing they can get away with their heinous acts.

While Marcotte tries to tie this violence to the rise of MAGA, it’s clear that Trump and his supporters have nothing to do with it. In fact, New York City and Chicago, the two cities with the highest number of these violent incidents, have never been ‘MAGA country.’ It’s absurd to blame these horrific attacks on a movement that is not even popular in these progressive strongholds.

The truth is when law and order break down, it’s the innocent who suffer the most. And with the current state of affairs in New York City, it’s no wonder that women are being punched and assaulted in the streets.

It’s time for Mayor de Blasio to wake up and realize that his failed policies are putting the lives of New Yorkers, particularly women, in danger. The rise of MAGA has nothing to do with it, but the progressive agenda and its disastrous consequences are to blame. It’s time to reclaim the streets and make New York City safe again.