Rob Reiner Proclaims That Failing to Impeach Trump is a Win for Vladimir Putin

So we’re back to this again, are we?  The RussiaGate hoax, fully back into the mainstream?

The Democrats have likely wrapped up the public testimony portion of the “formal impeachment inquiry” circus this week, after several contentious and conspiracy-laden hearings that fell, disappointingly, directly down party lines.  No effort seemed to exist to sway our elected officials on the subject; certainly not among the Congresspersons themselves.  They simply sat in their corners and badgered one another through the witnesses.

Now, right in line with this polarizing partisanship, Hollywood icon and vocal Trump critic Rob Reiner is resurrecting the RussiaGate ruse in order to slam the President once again.

Left-wing filmmaker Rob Reiner, who hardly lets a day go by without railing against President Donald Trump, took another social media swipe at the commander in chief on Thursday by exhuming the Russiagate conspiracy theory and tying it to the current impeachment hearings unfolding on Capitol Hill.

The Hollywood director lashed out on Twitter in typically hyperbolic fashion, claiming that failure to impeach President Trump will mean that Russian President Vladimir Putin will have effectively destroyed democracy in the U.S.

“The case against Donald Trump is beyond a slam dunk,” Reiner wrote. “If he is not thrown out of office, Putin will have been successful in destroying our 243 year Democratic Experiment.”

This seemed to be a bit of a theme today, with Democrats coaxing a number of worrisome responses out of Dr. Fiona Hill, a former Trump adviser on Russia whose knowledge of Vladimir Putin’s inner workings are nigh unparalleled in American politics.

This, of course, led to further insinuations by the Republicans that their Democratic colleagues were again raising the specter of the previously investigated conspiracy theory that Donald Trump was somehow installed in the White House at the behest of Russia.