Roger Stone Has WILD Warning for Trump Regarding Fellow GOP Member

Roger Stone has been in and out of the Washington DC political game for decades, having cut his teeth on the scandalous landscape of the Watergate scandal involving former President Richard Nixon.

Of late, Stone has been working closely with the MAGA wing of the Republican Party, advising former Commander in Chief Donald Trump on a number of issues.

Now Stone has some new advice for The Don, and it’s more than a little surprising.

Roger Stone warned former President Donald Trump to watch out for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The infamous political operative posted a short video to his social media accounts over Easter weekend which Stone claimed showed him reuniting with Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida the night before.

And then…

In the clip, Trump apparently spots Stone and greets him. After they embrace and Stone says, “God bless you,” Trump says he will speak to Stone in the club. Before they part, Stone delivers his warning.

“Watch DeSantis,” he appears to say, adding, “He’s a piece of …” That’s when the clip cuts off, but at least one reporter who shared the clip seemed convinced he said, “s***.”

DeSantis hasn’t yet given the nation a clear indication as to whether or not he’ll be running in 2024, and his coy approach is said to annoy former President Trump, whose preference would be for the Sunshine State governor to publicly declare that he will not be challenging 45’s reelection efforts.