Rudy Promises Ukraine Bombshells Will Arrive Later This Week

While Congress is still sorting out the latest escalation of their impeachment fiasco, the President’s personal lawyer is looking to land a serious counterpunch in the coming days.

The impeachment “inquiry” has now evolved into articles of impeachment against Donald Trump for obstruction of Congress and abuse of power; two narrow yet vague allegations meant to allow Democrats to further shape the national dialogue.

At the center of the debate, however, is whether or not the President was justified in expressing concerns regarding corruption in Ukraine, specifically in regard to the work being done there by members of the Biden family.

In just a matter of days, Rudy Giuliani believes that he will have some bombshells to reveal on that subject.

Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, said Tuesday that the president asked him to brief the Justice Department and Republican senators on the findings of his recent trip to Ukraine.

Giuliani indicated he would aim to do so by week’s end but did not provide details. He would not discuss the contents of his findings.

Giuliani’s trip last week prompted concern from many White House officials, some of whom blame the lawyer for ensnaring Trump in the Ukraine affair that has led to articles of impeachment.

Rudy has been instrumental in steering the President’s thought process on the subject of Ukraine, having himself spent several months, if not years, investigating the tangled web of influence that has long existed in the tiny nation.

Furthermore, thanks to the Democratic rigging of the impeachment process, Giuliani’s work may be the only chance the many Americans will heave to hear evidence in regard to this angle of the story.