Russian Attacks Begin in ANOTHER European Country!

From the onset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there have been concerns about just how far Vladimir Putin is willing to take this aggression.  Is this really about Ukraine’s “nazi problem”, or was that always just a thinly-veiled fantasy mean to get the military ball rolling for the Kremlin?

As the people of Moldova wake up to shelling and violence this week, it appears as though we’ve found our answer.

Authorities in Moldova are gathering Tuesday for an urgent security meeting following a series of blasts in a Russia-aligned separatist region, just days after one of Vladimir Putin’s generals suggested that country could be the next target of Moscow’s military aggression in eastern Europe.

At least two blasts this morning targeted radio antennas that broadcast Russian programs in Maiac, a town around seven miles from Moldova’s border with Ukraine, according to officials in the Trans-Dniester region.

They come a day after several explosions believed to be caused by rocket-propelled grenades were reported to have hit the Ministry of State Security in the city of Tiraspol, the region’s capital.

Moldova has long been considered the likely next stop for the Russian army, after a Belarusian leader was photographed in front of a military map depicting Russian offensives in the area.

The move will almost certainly incur a heavy but of attention from the western world, who’ve long feared that Putin is looking to rebuild the old Russian Empire, much in the same way that Adolf Hitler looked to unite what he saw as a broad Germanic landscape throughout Europe.