Russian Spy Ship Acting ‘Recklessly’ Off of U.S. Coast

In the midst of the mental gymnastics of impeachment, there is a whole lot of talk about what Russia did or didn’t do during the 2016 election, what Ukraine may have participated in during that same time frame, and whether or not one version of the story somehow negates the other.

The fact of that matter is that this argument should be put to the wayside, and quickly, unless Americans are hoping to forget that Russia is still our number one global threat.

Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin wants nothing more than to disrupt Americans’ way of life, and he has certainly contributed to the massive mess that we’re in right now – at least in one way or another.

Now, on the eve of the impeachment of Donald Trump, (a maneuver that will likely only divide the nation even further), Russia is aggressively antagonizing the United States again – this tim on the high seas.

An “unsafe” Russian spy ship spotted near the east coast Tuesday afternoon, appears to have moved away from U.S. shores and towards the Bahamas, a U.S. defense official tells Fox News.

The U.S. Coast Guard in Charleston, S.C. had issued a warning to boaters over the weekend about the spy ship, but the Russian vessel has moved south since the safety bulletin was released, according to the official.

The vessel is the same spy ship that has made an annual trip across the Atlantic for the past two years.

A Coast Guard bulletin says the ship, Victor Leonov, “has been operating in an unsafe manner off the coast of South Carolina and Georgia” near the home of the Navy’s East Coast ballistic missile submarine fleet in Kings Bay, Ga.

In 2017, after making similar maneuvers near the US coastline, Donald Trump famously threatened to blow the ship “out of the water”, but declared that he would prefer a diplomatic solution to the ongoing Russia problem.