Russians Now Blamed for Beirut Blast That Killed 137 People

A tragic scene erupted in Beirut this week, after a massive and terrifying explosion made international headlines.

The blast in question was simply horrifying, as it emanated from the city’s main port and emitted a shockwave so powerful that it damaged home hundreds of kilometers away.

The disaster was relayed to the world via social media, including this heartbreaking video of a bride to be being startled by the blast.

Now, after hours of careful deliberation, authorities have now fingered a culprit in the incident.

Investigators probing the devastating blast in Beirut that killed at least 135 people and injured 5,000 more are pointing to a Russian ship docked in the city’s port for nearly seven years without appropriate security precautions that officials warned was “a floating bomb.”

The Russian vessel, named MV Rhosus, carrying agricultural fertilizer with 2,750 metric tons of ammonium nitrate and en route to Mozambique hit a financial snag and docked in the Beruit port in 2013, according to legal documents and Lebanese officials, the Washington Post reported.

Lebanon’s director of customs, Badri Daher, repeatedly sent letters to the judiciary over the years and warned that the cargo was the equivalent of “a floating bomb,” but the warnings went unheeded.

The contents of the ship were allegedly offloaded several years ago on account of the danger, but the Russian vessel’s management had refused to respond to queries regarding the vessel’s fate.