Russia’s Final Desperate Move in Ukraine Revealed!

The world has watched now or 7 months as Russia attempted to invade a much smaller, much newer nation, for no discernible reason other than greed.

Sure, the Kremlin put out a number of statement that alleged all sorts of things about Ukraine and why they should be invaded, but none of what they suggested could be considered anything but nonsense.

Now, as the Russian army continues to fail miserably, it looks as though the full weight of Moscow’s military may be applied to the situation.

Russian authorities are moving closer to announcing a general mobilization. The State Duma of the Russian Federation introduced the concepts of “mobilization,” “martial law,” and “wartime” into the Russian Criminal Code and imposed a penalty of up to 10 years in prison for voluntary surrender.

At plenary session held on Sept. 20, the Russian State Duma adopted amendments to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in the second and third readings. They proposed to increase liability for certain crimes against military service. New concepts have been introduced into the Criminal Code: “voluntary surrender,” “looting,” “mobilization,” “martial law” and “wartime.” The decision was taken unanimously. The parliamentary session was broadcast on the website of the Russian State Duma.

And then:

Specifically, in the article on aggravating circumstances, the deputies replaced the words “in conditions of armed conflict or hostilities” with “during the period of mobilization or martial law, in wartime or conditions of armed conflict or hostilities.”

And while the move would certainly expedite the timeline of what feels for certain to be the inevitable outbreak of World War III, it also exposes the great fallacy of Russia’s might.