Schiff Isn’t Done Yet! House Intel Chair May Bring More Hearings Back to The House

The Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump should have begun by now, for all intents and purposes.  It is only the “resistance”-minded political stymying of the Democratic Party that has kept us from our due resolve.

The left had hoped that this latest stalling of the process would somehow bring about a shift in rhetoric or posture that would allow them to bolster their case against the President.

When former national security adviser John Bolton publicly declared that he would be willing to testify in front of Congress, (if subpoenaed), the Democrats suddenly had a bit more bounce in their step.

Adam Schiff, the controversial House Intelligence Committee Chairman whose tactics were often decried during the House’s impeachment inquiry, has seen the Bolton reversal as an opening, and is even suggesting that impeachment in the House of Representatives may not be over just yet.

From a recent conversation between Schiff and MSNBC’s Andrew Mitchell:

Mitchell asked, “John Bolton has now said he will if subpoenaed by the Senate, testify. It’s unclear if Mitch McConnell will even allow witness. But will you go ahead and subpoena him before the House? You could do that right now.”

Schiff said, “We haven’t taken that off the table. I think what makes the most sense, though, is for him to testify in the Senate trial.”

He added, “They should hear directly from one of the key witnesses. And for senators to say, no, they would rather move to dismiss the case than hear from people who have first-hand information tells you a lot about their partiality. They’re not living up to the oath they’ve taken of being impartial jurors.”

Schiff was roundly rebuked during his time steering the impeachment inquiry, particularly when it came to performing the duties of his post in secret, often in clandestine rooms occupying the sub-basement of the Capitol.