SECESSION! Towns in Northeast Consider Emancipation from State

Our nation was founded on the idea that the people would always remain more powerful than our government.  The concept was that, as a whole, our knowledge and experience would outweigh that of any singular government entity, and that this innate advantage should never be compromised.

Of course, these days, it has become rather apparent that those in power have forgotten this simple reality, and it’s leading to a number of drastic suggestions by We The People.

Multiple towns in Erie County, New York, are slowly exploring options to secede, saying the county is overly represented by Buffalo and does not reflect their interests.

Marilla Town Supervisor Earl Gingerich Jr. told Fox News Digital on Sunday that the idea has been festering for years but gathered steam during the pandemic.

“Us in the rural areas feel like we don’t have equal representation through our country legislature and the county executive,” Gingerich said. “Our demographics are different than the urban and bigger suburbs.”

This has been an ongoing problem in New York State, where the population is largely concentrated in large cities, especially The Big Apple.

Others believed that secession was worth exploring.

Fox News has reached out to other city leaders considering the move. Councilman Don Butcher of Wales said any move had to be done with residents’ best interests in mind.

Speaking in his own capacity, Butcher said the idea has “merit.”

“Right now, we are a rural town at the mercy of the tyranny of the majority of the urban center of the city of Buffalo,” Butcher said. “We have very little voice in what happens in Erie County.”

The sentiment is shared by a great many Americans around the nation, who’ve been growing ever more fed-up with the way that our government has responded to the COVID-19 crisis, among other things.