Secret Service Makes Interesting Statement on Latest Hunter Leak

As the January 6th select committee prepares to have yet another of their “bombshell” public hearings, they will likely be burying yet another wild story that paints the President’s family in a troubling light.

Just days ago, hackers on 4chan made an extraordinary claim:  That they had gained access to First Son Hunter Biden’s iCloud account and were releasing hundreds of gigs of data to the public.  This included some rather raunchy stuff, including the use of hard drugs and plenty of sexually explicit images often including prostitutes.

The White House and the mainstream media haven’t chosen to react to the allegations, but the Secret Service has now issued a statement.

The Secret Service confirmed Monday that it is aware of reports that the contents of Hunter Biden’s iCloud account were hacked over the weekend, exposing alleged texts, pictures, and videos of the president’s son doing drugs and engaging in other salacious and likely illegal activities.

4chan users claimed they hacked Biden’s phone late Saturday night, posting pictures to the website’s main political forum, according to the Washington Examiner. Many of the posts were taken down by the website.

The Secret Service said they are “aware” of the “social media posts and claims” about Biden, but are not in position to “make public comments on potential investigative actions,” in a statement to National Review.

The alleged contents of the iCloud were damning, to say the least:

One video purports to show Biden measuring the amount of crack he had while in conversation with a prostitute.

Another alleged video shows Biden going down a water slide naked, and texts allegedly revealed show Biden claiming that President Joe Biden was in possession of five guns in 2019, despite campaigning on gun control.

Hunter Biden has publicly spoken and written about his addiction to drugs, but some of the other purported contents of the device are a bit more worrisome.