Secretary of State Mike Pompeo faces subpoena from House Democrats

The Democratic party is no longer playing this impeachment thing close to the chest.  Instead, they’ve taken to a scattershot approach of spray subpoenas and accusations all around The Beltway.

The left-borne ethos of taking down President Trump has been around for months, if not years.  From the very onset of Trump’s time in the Oval Office there have been attempts to undermine his authority and delegitimize his election.

It is only just now, after second and third-hand information regarding a July phone call with his counterpart in Ukraine that the Democrats have the gall to commit to using the phrase “formal impeachment inquiry”…whatever that even means.

The latest bit a drama in this saga comes to us from Capitol Hill, after House Democrats began demanding answers from one of the nation’s highest-ranking diplomats.

House Democrats took their first concrete steps in the impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump on Friday, issuing subpoenas demanding documents from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and scheduling legal depositions for other State Department officials.

At the end of a stormy week of revelation and recrimination, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi framed the impeachment inquiry as a somber moment for a divided nation.

“This is no cause for any joy,” she said on MSNBC.

Other progressive members in the House backed Pelosi’s move.

Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, a member of the intelligence committee, said the president calling whistleblowers spies is “obscene … just grotesque.”

“If you ask me, I’d like to hear from everybody that was mentioned in that whistleblowers report. I like to hear from Rudy Giuliani, from the attorney general. I think Mike Pompeo has explaining to do as well as the State Department.”

It has yet to be seen how the White House will respond to what is sure to be a glut of incoming legal requests over the course of the next few days.