Security Guard Takes Over Cowboy Museum Twitter During Shutdown, Becomes Instant Hit!

As the CDC and others continue to suggest that Americans practice social distancing, we’ve seen quite a few of us cast into roles that perhaps we never thought we’d be in.

For some of us, that means that we’re suddenly teaching a number of children from our home, while possibly even juggling our own online work.  Others have been forced into unemployment for the time being, while some businesses pivot entirely to support the COVID-19 effort.

For concert venues and other crowd-based businesses, the changes have been drastic.  For instance, a security guard at a cowboy museum in Oklahoma City is now also the head of social media, since he’s the only “essential” employee still at the place.

And boy, was he an instant hit.

Tim is an incredibly wholesome guy, but is certainly still learning the ropes when it comes to Twitter.

Tim even has a sense of humor, hitting us with some “dad joke” wordplay right before taking his boots off for the night.

In this time of uncertainty, when it takes every bit of our humanity not to shout aimlessly into the void, it is especially comforting to know that there are still some Tims in the world.