SEE IT: Beach Bigfoot Spotted in Britain, Leaves MASSIVE Footprints

When we think of the wild and wooly creature known as Bigfoot, we often picture an upright-walking primate of enormous size gallivanting about in the dense, dank forests of the American Northwest.  After all, a sizeable portion of the global sightings of the creature have occurred in this area, including the incident that started it all, captured forever in the infamous Patterson-Gimlin film.

But this week, a peculiar sighting of the elusive beast has taken place in a most peculiar locale, and locals claim to have spotted not only the monster itself, but an enormous pair of tracks as well.

It looks like Bigfoot’s gone on holiday – to Norfolk!

Visitors have reported seeing a “massive beast” on Holkham Beach over the past week.

One sunseeker said he saw a 15ft-tall creature built “like Arnold Schwarzenegger”.

And huge footprints – five times the size of a man’s – were also seen at the beauty spot.

Those footprints made quite a splash…no pun intended.

Two of Bigfoot’s huge footprints

The creature has an alleged history in the area.

Another local, Graham Yardley, 29, said he had heard of Bigfoot in the area when he was a kid.

He said: “My dad used to tell me stories of a Bigfoot who lives in the pine forests by the beaches.

“He used to say the creature survived on eating sheep and cows – I never believed him until now.”

Bigfoot sightings in England are extremely rare, making the multiple witnesses involved in this case particularly fascinating.