VIDEO: Camera Catches ‘Dog Man’ Lurking Outside of TX Zoo

When it comes to mysterious creatures that may or may not be hiding in the nooks and crannies of this great nation of ours, there are a few household names that stand out.

There’s the Sasquatch, of course, popularized by the infamous and hotly debated “Patterson Gimlin film” that depicted what the pair claimed to be a giant, upright-walking ape living in the mountains of northern California.

And then there’s Champy – the sea monster of Lake Champlain that appears to be of a similar variety to Nessie, her colleague from Loch Ness.

But then there’s the “dog man”: ┬áThe not-so-subtly-named creature that many believe resembles an upright walking hound or possibly even a werewolf.

While this may seem farfetched, there is some potential evidence of the beast’s existence coming to us this week.

A peculiar photograph circulating online purportedly shows a small bipedal canine creature lurking at the edge of a zoo in Texas. The very weird image (which can be seen below) was reportedly shared on Reddit last month by a user who claims that the picture popped up on “private zookeeper Facebook group.” According to this individual, the photo was captured by a trail camera that was pointed at a fence that runs along the perimeter of a zoo believed to be in the city of Amarillo. Although the picture’s chain of custody is rather suspect, the interloper seen in the image is undeniably weird.

Details were still a little strange, 10 days after the sighting.

Said to have been taken in the early morning of May 21st of this year, the photo features what appears to be a bipedal creature boasting the head of a dog. Although it is difficult to discern how big the oddity might be, it is said to be standing next to an eight foot tall fence, which would seem that the ‘visitor’ is around half that height.

While dog man sightings are certainly rare, the evidence here certainly is compelling, and you can judge for yourself below.