SEE IT: Creepy Masked Lurker Caught Terrorizing Carolina Town

In the dead of night, in our homes, and hidden behind the Simplisafe modules and Ring doorbell cameras, we feel somewhat safe.  We consider that we’re reasonably protected from the world at large.

First, anyone who is looking to enter our premises would do so under the assumption that there will be resistance.  They are coming in hot, in other words, and hot is what they will get in return.

And, also, other than the purely psychotic offenders out there, home invasions are fairly rare, only carried out by the most brazen and bombastic of ne’er-do-wells.

In South Carolina this week, there are fears that something terribly sinister is playing out.

Residents of a neighborhood in South Carolina are understandably on edge after authorities alerted them to an eerie-looking masked man spotted roaming around their community. An image of the mysterious stranger was reportedly captured by the security system of a home in the city of Sumter late last month. According to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, the creepy individual “scared the residents in the house” before presumably vanishing into the night. The department subsequently shared the photo on their Facebook page and asked residents of the city for any help in identifying the masked man.

The photo is simply terrifying.

The story is eerily reminiscent of the “creepy clown” phenomenon that plagued a number of US cities in recent years, some of with also happened to be in the Carolinas.