SEE IT: Possible Sasquatch Skull Unearthed in Canada

For decades, outdoorsmen of all shapes and sizes have been trading tales of a giant, hairy beast lurking in the far-flung corners of our natural world.  And for hundreds of years before that, native people have been warning the rest of us about legendary, mythical creatures such as Sasquatch.

But science doesn’t yet recognize the possibility that this animal exists, likely on account of there not being any specimen, alive or dead, to study properly.  Believers have suggested that this is due to the tiny population of the creatures, combined with their extremely remote habitats, often asking the skeptics to ponder how often they’ve found carcasses of animals in the woods that are known to exist.

But now that could all be changing.

A popular YouTube personality claims to have found a massive primate skull that had allegedly been buried somewhere in the Pacific Northwest and while some suspect that it could be the remains of a Bigfoot, seasoned researchers have expressed considerable doubt about the fantastic tale. The very strange case came to light on Thursday evening when wildlife video star Coyote Peterson made an astounding post on Facebook (seen below) wherein he shared several photos of the cranium in question and detailed its discovery. According to the YouTuber, he stumbled upon the skull while exploring a “deep back forest ravine” in British Columbia that had recently been disturbed by a massive storm.

The story isn’t over yet, either.

Initially thinking that the skull was that of a bear, Peterson proceeded to remove the remains from the ground and, upon getting a closer look at it, concluded that it actually came from a primate. Intriguingly, in his original announcement, the YouTuber said that he and his team smuggled the specimen “through customs and the TSA,” though that ill-advised admission was later excised from his account with Peterson now simply saying that the skull is “currently in a secure location awaiting primatologist review.” The YouTube personality went on to express concern that “government or state park officials” will somehow force the pictures to be removed from Facebook, but assured his fans that “the skull is safe.”

While some skeptics are fearful that the whole thing is a hoax, Peterson has provided a number of photographs of the skull online, and they can be seen here.