Sen. Ernst Demands Action on Border Crisis

Senator Joni Ernst, a Republican from Iowa, has pressed President Biden to address border security concerns following a disconcerting development affecting military families preparing to attend the upcoming Army-Navy Game in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The families, who had secured accommodations in the area, were met with abrupt cancellation notices from hotels, purportedly due to the state’s decision to utilize these lodgings to house migrants.

In a pointed letter to President Biden, Senator Ernst attributed these cancellations to the administration’s strategy of transporting undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities across the nation, at the expense of taxpayers. Ernst highlighted the repercussions of this policy, emphasizing that nearly eight million illegal immigrants entering the country have contributed to an escalating border crisis, directly impacting veterans, future servicemembers, and their families who now face obstacles attending the prestigious Army-Navy Game.

Under Massachusetts’ “right to shelter” law, provisions ensure housing for migrants and homeless families, which inadvertently led to the displacement of military-affiliated individuals from their reserved accommodations.

Mark Mansbach, owner of Hillsdale Travel in New Jersey, a longtime supporter of military families attending the Army-Navy Game, voiced concern over the unprecedented cancellation of approximately 60 hotel rooms. Mansbach, who has a familial military background, highlighted the significance of this event as both a recruitment opportunity and a platform to honor the commitment of young servicemembers.

Senator Ernst underscored the game’s importance, not only as a tribute to the nation’s finest but also as a platform for veterans to honor the next generation of servicemembers. Mansbach assisted numerous affected military families, initially drawn by his company’s dedicated military discounts, in seeking alternative lodging arrangements, albeit at a higher cost.

The escalating situation prompted Ernst to demand heightened attention to border security, citing the administration’s failure to address the overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants. This demand aligns with the broader plea from GOP lawmakers urging policy changes at the southern border, including stricter asylum standards, within Biden’s $106 billion national security supplemental request.

Concurrently, Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey acknowledged the issue, expanding legal aid for migrants while expressing concern over displaced veterans and military families. Despite the inclusion of funds to expedite asylum processing in the current supplemental request, negotiations regarding policy adjustments remain a contentious point between Democrat and Republican lawmakers.

The ongoing saga, involving the displacement of military-affiliated individuals due to migrant housing, intensifies the debate surrounding border security policies, highlighting the urgent need for resolution as the Army-Navy Game approaches on December 9 at Gillette Stadium.