Senator Charged With Vandalism/Malicious Injury to Property

Rhode Island State Senator Joshua Miller, 69, was arrested last week on charges of vandalizing a car with a “Biden sucks” bumper sticker. Surveillance footage obtained by the police showed Sen. Miller keying the vehicle at the Garden City Center on Thursday.

Cranston Police Department

The incident unfolded when the unidentified son of the car’s owner heard a scratching noise as he approached his SUV. He confronted Sen. Miller, who was holding keys, and asked if he had keyed the vehicle. Miller denied the accusation and walked away. Subsequently, the police encountered Miller approximately two hours later. He allowed them to examine his keys for paint transfer but denied any involvement in the vandalism, as seen in the body camera footage obtained by Fox News.

Cranston Police Department

In a surprising twist, Miller claimed that he was provoked to commit the act, stating that the victim dared him to do it. The senator alleged that he felt recognized by the victim, whom he accused of being one of the “gun nuts” stalking him due to his sponsorship of anti-gun legislation. Miller also accused the victim of making threats against him.

However, the Cranston Police Department quickly refuted Miller’s claims, stating that he had never reported any threats to the department. Police Col. Michael Winquist emphasized that nobody, regardless of their position, is above the law and praised the officers for conducting a fair and unbiased investigation.

The victim, upon returning to the scene, positively identified Miller as the vandal in the body camera footage released by the police. Initially, the victim had no knowledge of Miller’s role as a state legislator. The incident was first reported to the police by the victim’s mother, who suspected that the vandal targeted their vehicle due to the “Biden sucks” bumper sticker.

After reviewing the security footage, which corroborated the witness’s account, the police questioned Miller at his residence. Another body camera video captured Miller confessing to the act, claiming that he had been dared by the victim and felt threatened.

Miller willingly accompanied the police to the station, where he was charged with misdemeanor vandalism and malicious injury to property. He was arraigned and released on $1,000 personal recognizance. Miller is scheduled for re-arraignment on July 18, 2023.

Fox News