Senator Tim Scott Shuts Down Hosts On ‘The View’- Watch!

On June 5, 2023, Senator Tim Scott made a bold appearance on the talk show “The View” to address comments made by the hosts just two weeks prior. The discussion centered around the hosts’ assertion that Scott, despite being a black man himself, did not fully grasp the realities of systemic racism in the United States. Host Joy Behar had claimed that Scott and other black Republicans failed to acknowledge the extent of systemic racism and instead emphasized self-reliance. Scott vehemently challenged this narrative, calling it “dangerous” and “disgusting.”

During the exchange, co-host Sunny Hostin questioned Scott about his definition of systemic racism, to which Scott responded by highlighting the harmful message that was being perpetuated on the show. He argued against the notion that success for young African-Americans could only be achieved by being the exception, rather than the rule. Scott listed various examples of African-Americans who had attained positions of power and influence, including an African-American president, vice president, and high-ranking officials in law enforcement and government.

Senator Scott recognized that progress had been made over the years and acknowledged the changing dynamics in America. He mentioned the significant decline in African-American unemployment rates, illustrating that opportunities were expanding. While he acknowledged the historical struggles faced by his own grandfather, he expressed faith in the goodness of America and the potential for progress. He emphasized the importance of faith in oneself, in God, and in the future to unleash opportunities that were once unimaginable.

During his appearance, Scott also highlighted the diversity in major news networks, citing the presence of African-American and Hispanic hosts. He acknowledged that while America had not yet fully met its promises, the country should continually strive to become a more perfect union.

However, the senator’s appearance on “The View” was not without challenges. Scott expressed frustration with the show cutting to commercials during his responses and even faced boos from the audience when he expressed concerns about the content children were being exposed to and referred to it as “indoctrination.”

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