Social Media Reactions to President Biden’s Pittsburgh Bridge Comments

President Biden’s recent claim of personally witnessing a bridge collapse in Pittsburgh last year has sparked mockery and skepticism on social media, with critics pointing out inconsistencies and questioning the accuracy of his statements.

During a visit to Ingeteam, a wind turbine generator manufacturer in Milwaukee, Biden touted his economic policies and made a reference to a bridge collapse that he claimed to have personally seen. Addressing the crowd, he remarked, “A lot of you were with me when I was in Pittsburgh. By the way, Pittsburgh is a city of bridges – more bridges in Pittsburgh than any other city in America.”

Biden went on to assert, “I watched that bridge collapse,” describing the scene in vivid detail. “I got there and saw it collapse with over 200 feet off the ground going over a valley. It collapsed. Thank God school was out during the pandemic.”

The president’s account of the incident was met with skepticism from various quarters. Former congressional candidate David Giglio humorously quipped, “Must have happened during one of his long-haul trucking routes,” alluding to past instances where Biden’s anecdotes have been questioned. Washington Examiner Secrets columnist Paul Bedard offered a correction, stating that Biden had arrived hours later for an infrastructure mission.

Battleground podcast host Sean Parnell expressed disbelief at Biden’s claims, stating unequivocally, “I can assure you Biden did not personally watch a bridge collapse here in Pittsburgh.”

Critics took to social media to express their doubts and frustration over what they perceived as another instance of misinformation from the president. Conservative personality Sunny McSunnyface tweeted, “He literally can’t get through a speech without objectively lying,” and questioned the need for fact-checking mechanisms.

Even figures from the sports world weighed in on the controversy. PGA Tour golfer Hunter Mahan commented, “Incredible how often he lies,” while Futures Edge Podcast host Jim Iuorio noted, “Realistically not a ‘gotcha’… Joe has been making up his own reality for 50 years in public life.”

President Biden’s assertion that he personally witnessed a bridge collapse raised eyebrows, as critics found discrepancies and raised questions about the accuracy of his account.

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