ICYMI: Soros Warns That Doomsday is Right Around the Corner

Throughout history, there have been plenty of warnings about the coming apocalypse.  This is just what people do, worrying about their own demise instead of simply living their lives, and this hasn’t yet changed in the 21st century.

From Nostradamus to Y2K, and from the Mayan Calendar to Hailey’s Comet, innumerable human beings have suggested that they know when the world may end.

The latest to add their name to this list is none other than liberal kingmaker and billionaire George Soros.

US billionaire George Soros warned Tuesday that “civilization may not survive” Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but said Europe could have a stronger position against President Vladimir Putin regarding gas than it realises.

In his traditional dinner speech on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in the Swiss mountain town of Davos, the Hungarian-born investor and philanthropist said the war has “shaken Europe to its core.”

Soros was dire in his prediction.

“The invasion may have been the beginning of the Third World War and our civilization may not survive it,” Soros said.

“We must mobilise all our resources to bring the war to an early end. The best and perhaps only way to preserve our civilization is to defeat Putin as soon as possible,” he said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his media surrogates have repeatedly threatened to use nuclear weapons against nations looking to interfere with his plans for Ukraine, which is likely what Soros was referencing when making his bold claim.