Spain Legalizes CHEMTRAILS in Fight to Stop Coronavirus

This coronavirus crisis has certainly been a strange time to be alive, especially with the sheer volume of conspiracy theories floating around.

From the very start of this pandemic, when COVID-19 first appeared near Wuhan, China several months ago, online researchers have been making all sorts of wild claims.  We’ve been told that the virus is a biological weapon, released by China to thin the populations of the rest of the world’s nations.  Some have said that this is a controlled economic collapse being conducted by “the powers that be” to enslave mankind.

Heck, we’ve even been privy to theories concerning the use of 5G cell phone towers to somehow “activate” the virus.

Now, in a bizarre twist to the tale, it appears as thought Spain has legalized the use of so-called “chemtrails” to fight the illness – spawning even more chatter from the conspiracy theorists’ corner.

The Spanish government has just “authorized” the military to prepare planes for aerial spraying of disinfectants across major metro areas as confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to rise, reported La Razón News.

The order was first published in the Boletín Oficial del Estado, the country’s official gazette, on Friday, that “authorizes the NBQ (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) units of the Armed Forces and the UME to use biocides authorized by the Ministry of Health in disinfection efforts to deal with the health crisis caused by the coronavirus.”

According to the order, “the most effective disinfection techniques are the use of aerial means because through them, with nebulization, thermonebulization and micronebulization techniques, all surfaces are reached quickly, avoiding reliance on manual application, which it is slower, and sometimes it does not reach all surfaces because there are obstacles that prevent reaching them.”

The order continues to say “aerial disinfection” missions will be conducted “regularly” as long as the pandemic continues to ravage the country.

In conspiracy theory circles there has long been a hypothesis that governments were using high altitude chemical “trails sprayed from airplanes in order to keep the world sick or medicated.  This latest news from Spain only seems to bolster that possibility.