SPOOKY VIDEO: British Bar’s CCTV Captures Phantom Chair Movements

‘Tis the season folks!

No, not that one with the jolly gentleman and the religious reason for the season.  We still have a few more weeks before that sort of stress comes into our lives.

This is the last hurrah, in a lot of ways, ahead of the thick of the holiday season that always seems to leave us less fulfilled than the last.  It’s Halloween time.  That time of year when you can pretend to be someone else for the night, and talk about all of the spooky stories that you’ve accumulated for just such an occasion.

And it’s the time of year where the news is filled with stories of ghosts and hauntings from around the world.

An odd video from a nightclub in England shows a chair inexplicably moving on its own and some suspect that a ghost was behind the eerie moment. According to a local media report, the odd incident was captured by a security camera at Popworld in the city of York last week and the establishment subsequently posted the footage on their Facebook page. In the video, the manager of the nightclub can be seen leaving the room and, shortly thereafter, a chair slowly slides across the floor. In sharing the video on social media, the nightclub declared that “even the ghosts of Popworld know Halloween is around the corner!”

The video itself was certainly quite convincing.

Not everyone believed that the supernatural played a role, however, with a vast number of online viewers suggesting that this may all be part of an elaborate scheme to bring seasonal, thrill seeking customers into the bar.