State Governor Proposes Plan to Ban Online Sales of Gun Parts

One of the most misunderstood aspects of the Second Amendment is the fact that is canon be challenged by the laws of our nation.

You see, the amendment resides within the Constitution itself, and is therefore the supreme law of the land.  It supersedes any and all subsequent attempts to be legislated or adjudicated.  It simply is, and that bothers the ever-living hell out of the liberal left.

So, instead of attacking the right itself, Democrats and other anti-gun lawmakers will go after the retailers, the manufacturers, or ammunition makers.

In the latest case of Second Amendment Subversion, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is attempting to neuter the online sales marketplace.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) proposed a ban Thursday that would prohibit the purchase of gun parts online.

Cuomo used a press release to suggest his ban is aimed at undercutting New Yorkers’ ability to build a gun at home, without government oversight.

Cumo’s proposal would serialize “all major parts” of a gun, thereby requiring those parts to be sold by licensed dealers only.

The Hill reports Cuomo saying, “New York has the strongest gun safety protections in the nation, but every day dangerous people seek to find new ways around them. This common sense measure would ban these untraceable guns and require anyone who wants to build their own firearm to come out of the shadows once and for all.”

Cuomo has long been criticized by New Yorkers living outside of the Big Apple, thanks to the state’s disparate schism of political beliefs.  This latest move is sure to rile up the rural locales once again.