Students Suspended For Posting Pics of First Day of School Amid COVID-19

While a large swath of the country is still arguing over whether or not a mask should be required to enter a grocery store, there are kids being sent back to school at an alarming rate.

There is little doubt that the coronavirus crisis is still ongoing, and any denial of such should be taken with a heaping pile of grains of salt.  But, still, the economy and the education system must continue.  In the case of our youth, we must ask “to what end” shall they return to campus, however.

At one high school in Georgia, where local authorities have not restricted classroom sizes, a simple photograph has stolen the show.

The student responsible for this snap has been punished, believe it or not.

One of the teens who posted photos, 15-year-old Hannah Watters, told BuzzFeed News she received a five-day, out-of-school suspension for posting one photo and one video on Twitter.

The circumstances of the situation led the school to make some wild claims.

She posted the above photo with the caption, “Day two at North Paulding High School. It is just as bad. We were stopped because it was jammed. We are close enough to the point where I got pushed multiple go to second block. This is not ok. Not to mention the 10% mask rate.”

Watters said she was pulled into the school’s office around noon on Wednesday and was told she had violated the student code of conduct.

“The policies I broke stated that I used my phone in the hallway without permission, used my phone for social media, and posting pictures of minors without consent,” she said.

Paulding County Schools has not responded to requests for comment on the alleged suspension.

We can only hope that schools in Georgia and beyond halt this practice immediately.