Superstar Jewel Urges Fans to See ‘Sound of Freedom’ Despite the Backlash

Singer and songwriter Jewel showed her support this week for the new film “Sound of Freedom,” sharing a video on TikTok and Twitter encouraging everyone to get out and see the movie.

The “Foolish Games” singer shared a video of herself talking about the importance of the movie’s message, responding to a month-old tweet from Twitter owner Elon Musk, who had suggested that Angel Studios make the film available to stream on Twitter.

“It saddens me that some media is trying to politicize this movie,” she captioned the video. “This is not left or right. It’s about millions of kids being trafficked, and no matter what your faith or creed, we need to protect all the vulnerable kids rather than fight over philosophical differences.”

“You guys, I just saw the ‘Sound of Freedom,’” she said. “You have to see it. I’m so verklempt.”

Jewel joins a number of others who have worked to promote the film — including actor Mel Gibson and UFC President Dana White, the latter of whom even offered to pay for tickets for any of his employees who wanted to see the film.

The movie is inspired by former federal agent Tim Ballard, whose biography Jewels mentioned in her video. ”This is a true story about a man who just doesn’t give up on a child,” she said. “So touching, you’re going to love it. Please go see it. This is the little Indie movie that could, it’s competing with all of the giant blockbusters and it’s kicking butt and it deserves it.”

Unfortunately, some media outlets have attempted to tie the film to QAnon conspiracy theories, prompting Ballard to respond. “I can’t explain, and neither can they,” Ballard said.”Every show I’ve seen, they just like to throw the word out, ‘QAnon.’ They make zero connection to the actual story. It’s very difficult to make that connection when it’s actually based on a true story.”

“This is just some other agenda … who would want to get the backs or run interference for pedophiles and human traffickers? That’s the more important question in all this. Why would you want to lie to push an agenda whose goal is to have children be in captivity? It’s kind of sick,” he said.


“Sound of Freedom” is now showing in theaters.


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