TAX RETURN REVENGE: Dems Release Trump’s Private Financial Records

If there’s one thing that we can say for certain about the Democratic Party in the era of Donald Trump, it is that the pettiness runs deeps.

The liberal left simply cannot stand Donald Trump.  They loathe every single thing about him, as his “America First” ethos continues to dismantle the left’s grip on pop culture in this country.

Now, with Trump out of office and facing a number of legal and political battles, congressional Democrats are now making an extraordinary escalation in their attempts to defame the former President ahead of the 2024 election.

he House Ways and Means Committee released a partially redacted version of former President Trump’s tax returns Friday, completing a longtime objective of Democrats to make Trump’s finances public after the former president unsuccessfully tried to stop them in court.

The financial documents cover six years of Trump’s individual returns filed jointly with his wife, Melania, including his time in the White House. The document dump also includes tax forms for several of Trump’s business entities that were investigated by Ways and Means Democrats, a report from the Democratic majority, and a response by Republicans on the committee.

The tax forms provide insights into the state of Trump’s finances as he mounts a third bid for president in 2024.

And, as if to reiterate the true motivation behind the move:

The committee voted 24 to 16 along party lines to release Trump’s tax returns late Tuesday evening.

The timing of the release is telling, as it distracts from Joe Biden’s signing of the enormous and controversial “omnibus” spending bill while vacationing in St. Croix.