Tennessee Residents Spooked by Mysterious Explosion Sounds

For many of us, the last year and a half of life on plant earth has been an unexplainable, turbulent experience that, at times, feels more like a parallel universe than a normal, chronological evolution.

Sure, that’s likely the pandemic talking – at least in part – but the political violence in the United States, combined with the advent of oddball occurrences such as the introduction of “murder hornets” to the US, has many citizens wondering if this is all just a bad dream.

For folks in Tennessee, the strangeness was exacerbated this week when a mysterious explosion occurred, for which no explanation has been discovered.

In a Facebook post, the Clarksville Police Department wrote on Sunday that its 911 dispatch had received numerous calls at around 9:50 p.m. local time on Saturday regarding the “loud explosion” and that several individuals had also said they had felt the “ground shake.”

“The sound was heard across many parts of Montgomery County but there have been no reports of any injuries or property damage. The Clarksville Police Department, Fire Department, Montgomery County Sheriffs Office and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) searched for a couple of hours but were unable to locate the source.,” the department wrote.

“Fort Campbell is on a Four Day weekend due to the Labor Day holiday, and does not appear to be conducting any type of training or exercise,” the police added. “Currently, this seems to be some sort of unknown phenomena until someone reports actual damage.”

The incident was captured on home security cameras as well.

Residents offered several explanations for the big boom, with some wondering if the incident was of an otherworldly nature, while others speculated that local thrill seekers may have been playing with explosives on account of the holiday weekend.