The surreal sights and sounds of ‘Storm Area 51’

This weekend marks one of the strangest spontaneous event in American history, in a place where pop culture and military secrecy cross paths.

Area 51, a once top-secret airbase in the middle of the Nevada desert, has long been home to some strange rumors.  There are said to be recovered flying saucers hiding out in the hangars therein, along with the possibility of reverse-engineered military vehicles based on the recovered technology.

Heck, some people even believe that the US government could be hiding the remains of extraterrestrial beings at the military installation near the dried bed of Groom Lake, Nevada.

That’s why the area is bustling today, as revelers gathered in the inhospitable climate for an event dubbed “Storm Area 51, they can’t stop all of us”, which began as a joke on Facebook some months ago.

Despite the fact that there will be no storming of the heavily guarded military installation, large crowds have gathered near the base and in nearby towns like Rachel, Nevada for an impromptu celebration of all things alien.

The scene itself has been surreal.

There is no doubt that a large crowd had gathered.

The star of the show so far has been this unidentified visitor who played up the idea that “Naruto” runners would be the first to breach the gates by practicing the anime-inspired attack during a live newscast.

There have, so far, been no signs of extraterrestrial spacecraft, but that doesn’t mean that things aren’t strange.