Tom Hanks Gives Update After He and Wife Rita Wilson Diagnosed with COVID-19

As the COVID-19 strain of coronavirus continues to impact the daily lives of the global community, one of Hollywood’s most revered actors has been thrust directly into the virus’ spotlight.

Tom Hanks, an A-lister if there ever was one, was beginning preparations on his next feature film when he got the news that he and his wife Rita Wilson were carrying the potentially deadly virus.  This news shocked the nation, and the world at large for that matter, and has many of us wondering if suddenly this was the turning point for the disease’s characterization on social media.

While the just is still out on that, the Hanks family appears to be be hanging in there.

A vast majority of people who contract the disease will recover simply and easily, as if they had suffered through only the common flu.

Those with underlying conditions, and elderly, immunocompromised Americans should take extra caution with their hygiene and avoid large gatherings, in order to avoid coming into contact with someone who is carrying the virus.