TOO WOKE: Pennsylvania College Removing the Word ‘Freedom’ from Campus Card

Is there any such thing as too woke these days?  Are some folks out there just itching for an argument, or to push the envelope of their own social justice endeavors to accrue theoretical social credit scores?

There’s a reason why it is alway the young who push the hardest in the quests for such cultural clout:  Their hormones have dictated that they are to spend an inordinate amount of time attempting to impress one another, before they grow old and less fertile.

And so college campuses continue to grow ever more radical on account of the drive for attention that these young people add to the conversation…but where is the line between “woke enough” and “too woke”?

Robert Morris University in Pennsylvania will change its student, faculty, and staff ID cards from “Freedom Cards” to “RMU ID Cards,” Campus Reform has learned.

The decision follows the circulation of an online petition initiated by student Melanie Hall, who asked the university to rename its ID cards, arguing that the choice of “Freedom Cards” for minority students (who make up 24 percent of students at RMU, according to the petition) was a “poorly named form of identification.”

And while the quest for racial justice is the pure embodiment of a just and righteous cause, the moving of the goalposts on the nomenclature of our everyday lives seems to be giving the pendulum a push back in the direction of fascism yet again.

Banning words never seems to end well.  We would do well to remember that.