Top Tier 2020 Candidate Claims Trump Started Iran Mess to Distract from Impeachment

There have been plenty of cockamamy accusations bouncing around in the political ether as of late, many of which fit into the “resistance” narrative against Donald Trump.

It seems as though the President’s every move is some sort of conspiratorial scheme, at least according to the liberal left.  Whether he wakes up on the right or left side of the bed is likely dictated by Vladimir Putin in the eyes of the “resistance” to his presidency…and that’s not even the most absurd hypothetical example out there.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, one of the most popular Democrats in the crowded 2020 race, is now suggesting that Trump’s latest escalation against the nation of Iran may be nothing more than an attempt to distract the nation from his ongoing impeachment saga.

While speaking to Jake Tapper on CNN:

Tapper asked, “Are you suggesting that President Trump pulled the trigger and had Qasem Soleimani killed as a distraction from impeachment?”

Warren said, “Look, I think that people are reasonably asking about the timing and why it is that the administration seems to have all kinds of different answers. In the first 48 hours after this attack, what did we hear? Well, we heard it was for an imminent attack, and then we heard, no, no, it is to prevent any future attack, and then we heard that it is from the vice president himself and no, it is related to 9/11, and then we heard from president reports of people in the intelligence community saying that the whole, that the threat was overblown. You know, when the administration doesn’t seem to have a coherent answer for taking a step like this. They have taken a step that moves us closer to war, a step that puts everyone at risk, and step that puts the military at risk and puts the diplomats in the region at risk. And we have already paid a huge price for this war. Thousands of American lives lost, and a cost that we have paid domestically and around the world. At the same time, look at what it has done in the Middle East, millions of people who have been killed, who have been injured, who have been displaced. So this is not a moment when the president should be escalating tensions and moving us to war. The job of the president is to keep us safe, and that means move back from the edge.”

Tapper pressed, “Do you believe that President Trump pulled the trigger on this operation as a way to distract from impeachment? Is that what you think?”

Warren said, “I think it is a reasonable question to ask, particularly when the administration immediately after having taken this decision offers a bunch of contradictory explanations for what is going on.”

Soleimani was universally believed to have been intimately involved in the deaths of hundreds of Americans, with hard evidence pointing to the possibility that he was planning to take hundreds, if not thousands, more.