TROUBLE COMING: Trump Set to Face Charges From…

After years of unrelenting investigation and harassment, it appears as though Donald Trump’s Democratic detractors will finally attempt to pin criminal charges on the former President.

Trump has long been considered untouchable.  His nickname, “Teflon Don”, is a tribute to the way in which nothing serious ever seems to stick to him.

This week, however, prosecutors in Manhattan indicated the MAGA Movement chief could be in some serious trouble.

Former President Donald Trump was recently offered the chance to appear before a Manhattan grand jury about the hush money scandal with porn star Stormy Daniels — a sign that criminal charges may follow.

According to the New York Times, the Manhattan district attorney’s office communicated the offer to Trump’s lawyers. The office, led by DA Alvin Bragg, has been investigating the hush money scandal — which took place in 2016 — for the past five years.

This appeared to be a rather common series of events in the Empire state.

In New York, the chance to appear before a grand jury strongly signals an incoming indictment. This would mark the first time a former American president was criminally indicted.

The potential move would make Donald Trump the only President in US history to ever face an indictment, and at an awfully crucial moment in his reelection plans for 2024.