Trump Ally and Successful Business Mogul BANNED by Twitter Over 2020 Election Tweets

The 2020 US presidential election will be one of the most talked about events in American history for some time to come, and the reverberations of the contest are still being felt today – some two and a half months later.

President Trump refused to concede the election, and worked diligently to attempt to convince the nation that it was “stolen” from him. ┬áHe and his legal team were turned away at every try, however, and Trump has since moved on to sunnier days at Mar-a-Lago.

But there are some on Twitter who continue to parrot his arguments, and the social media platform hasn’t taken kindly to this whatsoever.

Twitter has suspended Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, from the social media platform. He had been using his Twitter account to spread disinformation about the 2020 election, including false claims of voter fraud and election rigging.

Lindell’s account was “permanently suspended due to repeated violations of our Civil Integrity Policy,” a Twitter spokesperson told NPR. It was not immediately clear which posts from Lindell led to his removal from the social media platform.

Lindell is a close ally of former President Donald Trump and visited the White House during the final week of Trump’s administration.

Just days before Trump was set to leave the White House, Lindell was photographed exiting a meeting with the President, holding notes that clearly mentioned “martial law” – an incident that fed a number of wild conspiracy theories.