Trump Derangement Syndrome Eyed in Brutal Florida Murder Case

America is hotly divided these days, perhaps more so than at any other time in our history save the Civil War.

Politically, we have drawn a line in the sand directly down the middle of the country.  Every single issue must land on one side of this line, and one side only, as our elected officials continue to push us to root for Team D or Team R.

This is a terribly ineffective way of coexisting, and has brought our nation nothing but violence and ill will.

The latest act of political carnage comes to us from Florida, where a man is in custody after allegedly murdering his boss, possibly over a Washington-centric disagreement.

Mason Toney, 28, is accused of killing his manager, Willian Knight, 28, at an Orlando construction site near the Florida Turnpike, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said Monday. Toney was arrested after an hours-long search, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Witnesses said the pair, who were also friends, was traveling from one job to another when they got into an argument, possibly over their political differences, according to an affidavit. Toney is “anti-government and very outspoken about his beliefs that the government is bad and out to get him,” Detective Fabian Ramirez wrote in the affidavit.

Then came a chilling revelation…

Investigators found a new American flag next to Knight’s body when they responded to the scene. The witnesses said Toney had come to work with a backpack, which was unusual for him, according to the affidavit.

While we often make snide remarks about “Trump Derangement Syndrome” transforming liberals into violent and vile miscreants, it could be that the barely-fictional affliction should be taken a bit more seriously.