Trump Directly Addresses Qanon Movement for First Time

For the first time, at least in the literal sense, Donald Trump has made mention of the Qanon conspiracy theory, and with a fairly heavy wink and a nod in the direction of those who follow the saga.

For the uninitiated, “Q” is said to be a high level White House insider who is posting cryptic clues online that detail a secret war between the Trump administration and the “Deep State’.  The veracity of the story is still up in the air, and the FBI has even gone as far as to label the movement as dangerous.

But this isn’t how President Trump sees it…not by a long shot.

Although Trump admitted that he does not know much about the conspiracy theory movement, he did claim that many adherents support him and that they are frustrated with the unrest that has gripped some cities across the nation.

“I don’t know much about the movement besides that they like me very much,” Trump said during a press briefing at the White House. “These are people that don’t like seeing what’s going in places like Portland and Chicago.”

He added: “I heard these are people that love our country.”

This is the first time that Trump has directly addressed the Qanon community, and his statement is sure to catapult the once-fringe notion to the forefront of political culture.