Trump Evacuated from Press Conference After Armed Man Faces Off with Secret Service

With political tensions running at a modern-day high here in America, there is likely no doubt that the Secret Service have their hands full.

President Trump is simply loathed by the liberal left, and these folks are growing more vicious by the minute.  We see it in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and other protest-pocked cities around the nation, with worsening violence and anger the closer we get to the November election.

Back in Washington, protests over the death of George Floyd almost spilled over into the White House lawn on several occasions as well, leading to quite the standoff between federal forces and angry Americans.  At one point, this forced the Secret Service to evaluate the President to the bunker under the White House.

In other words, the President’s safety has been on the mind of those tasked with protecting him as of late.

Monday was no exception.

US Secret Service agents shot and wounded a man who was apparently armed outside the White House on Monday, President Donald Trump said, after being briefly whisked away in the middle of a press conference.

A 51-year-old male approached a Secret Service officer standing at the corner of 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, one block from the White House, according to Tom Sullivan, the chief of the Secret Service Uniformed Division.

Then things got hairy.

The suspect told the officer he had a weapon and ran “aggressively” towards him, drawing an object out of his clothes, Sullivan said in a statement that was broadcast on Twitter.

He then assumed a “shooter’s stance” as if he intended to fire, whereupon the Secret Service officer shot him in the torso, Sullivan added.

President Trump was speaking at a press conference on the property when the incident occurred, and was rushed out of the room briefly as the suspect was detained and sent to the hospital.

No official motive has been released for the incident.