Trump Gets Testy When Reporters Ask About Coronavirus and Campaigning

With less than a year remaining until Americans make their political voices heard in the 2020 election, there are concerns that the contest could be tainted by the ongoing threat of coronavirus in the United States.

America’s medical infrastructure is top notch, and cases of the virus have so far been few and far between in the United States.  The largest cluster of deaths, (less than a dozen), came from the northwest and a group of nursing home patients who were already immunocompromised.

For the rest of the seemingly healthy nation, there are questions over just how worried we should be.  President Trump has been consistently confident there is nothing to worry about, and even showed a bit of frustration when asked by a reporter if the virus was slow down his campaigning.

US President Donald Trump signaled Saturday that he has no intention of halting campaign rallies despite surging coronavirus infections, as a case was confirmed for the first time within miles of the White House.

The president struck a defiant tone as he spoke to reporters about the outbreak at his Mar a Lago resort in southern Florida, where he was hosting his Brazilian counterpart Jair Bolsonaro.

“We will have tremendous rallies and we’re doing very well, and we’ve done a fantastic job with respect to that subject,” Trump responded when asked if his “Keep America Great” campaign events would continue.

Trump’s remarks came as the number of cases confirmed across the United States leapt past 400, with 19 deaths confirmed so far, mainly in the west coast state of Washington.

The COVID-19 outbreak has inexplicably become a political issue as well, as “resistance” Democrats attempt to blame any future, hypothetical trouble with the virus on President Trump’s confident and comfortable demeanor in the face of the potential health crisis.