Trump Insider Gets Subpoenaed To Service Dems Latest B.S. Claim

The White House has fought long and hard against the Democrats and their “presidential harassment”, at least according to Donald Trump, and some wonder if that will ever change.

The President and his inner circle have repeatedly blasted the impeachment process as a “sham” or described it as “illegitimate”, mostly due to the fact that the first several weeks of the “formal inquiry” were shrouded in secrecy.  Hearings would take place in the basement of the Capitol in secure and clandestine rooms with only selective pieces of testimony making it out to the media.

Given that these committees were headed by Democrats, the information chosen for release was skewed hard to the left, in order for impeachment as a whole to gain a head start in the media.

The White House, sensing the nonsensical nature of these shenanigans, has instructed their staff not to comply with the Democrats’ requests.  This stance will be put to the test once again tomorrow.

House Democrats have subpoenaed acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney in their impeachment probe, demanding his testimony Friday as they wrap up closed-door interviews and move into a public phase of the investigation.

Despite the late-night subpoena, Mulvaney isn’t expected to appear for the interview Democrats have scheduled. The White House instructed its officials not to comply with the investigation, which is looking at President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.

An official working on the inquiry said the House intelligence panel subpoenaed Mulvaney because other testimony indicated he “could shed additional light on the president’s abuse of the power of his office for his personal gain.”

The person declined to be identified in order to discuss the confidential subpoena.

Mulvaney made headlines just weeks ago after seemingly admitting that a quid pro quo did exist in regard to the UkraineGate scandal – a statement that he walked back just hours later, claiming that he was misquoted.