Trump Makes Offer to Bernie Bros After Sanders Steps Aside

Somebody ought to tell Donald Trump that he can start planning for that January 2021 inauguration party, because the Democrats have completely blown it once again.

With the youth voters within the party repeatedly warning the Democratic establishment that they would not be voting for Joe Biden no matter what, the higher ups within the organization went ahead and allowed him to become the nominee anyway.  Now, with a divided Democratic Party only partially in support of him, Biden stands to get brutally stomped by Trump come November.

And, as if to add insult to injury, Donald Trump is now making a plea to those same young Democratic voters, now that their preferred candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders, has exited the race.

In a trio of tweets, Trump repeated his claim that the Democratic Party had done wrong by Sanders and his legion of fervent supporters, and accused former candidate Elizabeth Warren of costing him victory.

“Bernie Sanders is OUT! Thank you to Elizabeth Warren. If not for her, Bernie would have won almost every state on Super Tuesday!” Trump wrote to his 76 million followers.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that Sanders, 78 — a party outsider much like the president — was being victimized by the same Democratic establishment that tried to derail his bid against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“This ended just like the Democrats & the DNC wanted, same as the Crooked Hillary fiasco. The Bernie people should come to the Republican Party, TRADE!” Trump wrote.

Bernie’s supporters may very well find themselves scattering around the political landscape, as this is far from the first time that the Democratic Party has jilted them.