Trump Rally Crowd Chants ’46’, Seemingly Choosing Trump’s Successor

The MAGA movement has been labeled a “cult” by its detractors on the Democratic side of the aisle.  Of course, this is meant to be a derogatory moniker that demeans their political rivals.

But, say what you will of their enthusiasm, those who support Donald Trump’s presidency have done so with gusto and with clarity.  They know precisely what they want, and they work hard to achieve it.

That is to say that their teamwork is unrivaled.

So, when the Trump Train’s passengers anoint one of their own as a possible successor to 45, the nation had better listen.

Attendees atPresident Trump‘s rally in New Hampshire on Monday chanted “46” when he introduced Donald Trump Jr., embracing the president’s eldest son as a future candidate to follow his father into the Oval Office.

President Trump recognized roughly a dozen lawmakers and prominent conservatives at his Manchester rally, making his way to his children. He highlighted his daughter and senior adviser, Ivanka Trump, who joined him onstage. He then recognized his eldest son, who had spoken earlier at the event.

“Did Don Jr. make a good speech?” the president asked, prompting applause and chants of “46” from the crowd.

The idea of a Trump dynasty is likely sickening to the liberal left, who view the Commander in Chief as a political anomaly.  As a man whose presence in Washington is about as natural as a dam in a river.

But, we must always remember that this is by design.  Trump is the great disruptor.  The wildcard.  He’s the chosen interloper, and elevating his kin to take over for him when he steps down is going to play well with the MAGA crowd at the polls.