Trump Ruins Vote-By-Mail in Just Eleven Short Words

President Trump has spent the last several weeks railing against the idea of having the entire nation vote by mail.

You see, for him, the possibility of having the election decided via the Postal Service is not ideal.  Trump has repeatedly and consistently warned of possible instances of voter fraud via the mail, and the fact that the Democrats are so willing to experiment with the idea just seems to irk him anyhow.

And while this has become a ferocious national discussion, President Trump needed just eleven short words to shut the entire argument down.

President Trump on Wednesday said if people can “protest in person,” they can “vote in person” in November, amid the battle over mail-in ballots.

“IF YOU CAN PROTEST IN PERSON, YOU CAN VOTE IN PERSON!” Trump tweeted Tuesday morning.

The president’s tweet comes amid a battle with Democrats over mail-in ballots. Democrats have claimed that voting by mail is the only safe way to cast ballots amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The president’s tweet was seemingly referring to the widespread racial justice protests across the nation, which began in late May, after the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd in police custody.

There you have it folks, it’s just as easy as that.

President Trump has been extremely concerned about not only the ballet harvesting potential of vote-by-mail, but has also expressed worries that such a maneuver would mean that the election results are not known for weeks, or perhaps even months.