Trump Set to File Lawsuit Against Washington Post, This Time For…

President Trump has not been shy about using the American court system to his advantage as of late, and who can blame him?

The Commander in Chief is one of the most embattled politicians in the history of our nation, facing an unprecedented “resistance” day in and day out.  As such, it is simply more judicious to allow for the Americans justice system to work out the kinks, as opposed to running the risk of appearing tyrant-like within earshot of a mainstream media who distorts his every syllable.

That’s why Trump finds himself frequently turning to the courts to settle the issues surrounding his presidency.  This week, it’s the Washington Post that has found itself in the President’s crosshairs.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign sued the Washington Post for libel on Tuesday over two opinion pieces that it said suggested improper ties between the campaign and Russia, North Korea or both.

The campaign filed its lawsuit six days after filing a separate libel lawsuit against the New York Times, over an opinion piece it said falsely suggested a quid pro quo between Russian officials and Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Both lawsuits escalate the Republican president’s long-running battle with news media he believes demonstrate bias against him, a list also including CNN and MSNBC and which he frequently brands “fake news.”

Trump’s campaign is seeking millions of dollars in damages in both lawsuits.

The Post responded to the news with a fairly bland statement, describing their “disappointment” in the President’s tactics, and vowing to “vigorously” defend themselves.