Trump Takes Another Record Down, This Time in Approval Rating Among…

Is Donald Trump’s political career an enigma?  Is he truly an unprecedented force in American history?  It is certainly beginning to feel that way.

Trump, who is the first President in our nation’s history to have neither a military service history or a political background, took the Oval Office by storm after the 2016 election, using his well-understood business acumen to propel our nation forward fiscally in ways that many didn’t believe possible.

This, despite a deep-seated and diabolical hatred of the man emanating from the left side of the aisle.

Now, Trump is pushing the envelope even further, snagging another unique record.

Support for President Donald Trump among American farmers is on the rise, according to a new poll released this week.

According to the latest Farm Journal Pulse Poll, which featured responses from 1,286 farmers, President Trump received an approval rating of 83 percent, a point higher than the previous poll. Only 18 percent disapprove of President Trump. Since Farm Journal’s tracking of Trump’s support from farmers in recent months, the latest poll marks his highest approval.

And there’s more…

Farmers who stated they “strongly approve” of President Trump rose to 64 percent in January, up from 61 percent at the end of 2019. A mere 19 percent said they “somewhat approve” of President Trump’s performance, while only three percent said they “somewhat disapprove.”

The news comes just days after Trump signed a “phase one” trade deal with China that forces the Far East superpower to purchase tens of billions of dollars worth of American agricultural goods.