Trump Tells State Governors How to Avoid ‘Looking Like Jerks’

The death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police has sparked a major movement here in the United States – one that has been hijacked by extremist groups who wish to devolve America into a Civil War.

On the deeper, darker parts of the internet you’ll find plenty of talk about a “boogaloo” – the code name given to the purported coming violence – and the goal of many of these underground, anarchic groups.  When the opportunity arose to light the fuse in cities around the nation, they wasted no time.

Soon there was rioting from coast to coast, which, in turn caused the President to berate local authorities over the violence.

President Donald Trump berated governors during a call on Monday, calling them “weak” and demanding they “dominate” protesters with force after another night of uprisings in American cities.

The president told the leaders they “have to get much tougher” because “most of you are weak” while Attorney General Bill Barr also reportedly told the governors to “go after troublemakers” in order to control the crowds.

During the conference call, he claimed the current law enforcement presence was “weak” across the U.S. and urged governors to increase policing amid the nationwide protests, which began after George Floyd’s fatal arrest.

The president repeatedly questioned the leadership of the governors, and asked them to “dominate” and target protesters, and to make use of the National Guard.

Trump would later order the DC National Guard to the White House in a major show of force against protesters.