Trump Thumps China! Beijing Agrees to Major Capitulation in Trade War

For months upon months, American farmers have been pleading with the President to bring our trade war with China to an end.

The Chinese government’s strong reaction to trade talks with President Trump resulted in a number of American businesses being adversely effected, but no one was as harmed as our agriculturists.  American farmers sell an exorbitant amount of soybeans to China, among other crops, and this bickering between Beijing and The Beltway had left them high and dry.

But Trump is the author of The Art of The Deal, however, and some good news is on the horizon for our farmers.

A source briefed on the status of bilateral negotiations said the United States would suspend tariffs on $160 billion in Chinese goods expected to go into effect on Sunday and roll back existing tariffs.

In return, Beijing would agree to buy $50 billion in U.S. agricultural goods in 2020, double what it bought in 2017, before the trade conflict started, two U.S.-based sources briefed on the talks said.

Not everyone in China was pleased.

Senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi on Friday sharply criticized Washington for damaging the “hard-won foundation of mutual trust” between the two countries, citing U.S. positions on Hong Kong protests and China’s camps for ethnic Uighurs.

“We are willing to resolve contradictions and differences between China and the United States through dialogue and consultation on the basis of equality and mutual respect, but we will never accept the so-called unilateral sanctions and any acts of bullying,” he said.

While nothing official has yet to be signed, this will surely come as welcome news for some of America’s hardest workers.