Trump Trashes ‘W.’ After Former Prez Calls for American Unity

President Trump has a very distinct way of not letting anyone get in his way.  Much of this air of authority comes from his unique level of bombast and his unwillingness to compromise his beliefs.

This is true even when speaking about former US Presidents.

A call by former President George W. Bush for humanity to jettison partisanship amid the Chinese coronavirus pandemic has drawn a sharp rebuke from President Donald Trump.

Bush published a video message on Saturday urging unity and togetherness amid the coronavirus’ outbreak, which received 4.4 million views on Twitter as of Sunday morning.

Bush’s plea amounted to a call for people to ignore partisanship to protect the most vulnerable and to assist those who have become unemployed.

Then things turned strange.

“[L]et us remember how small our differences are in the face of this shared threat,” Bush said. “In the final analysis we are not partisan combatants, we are human beings equally vulnerable and equally wonderful in the sight of God. We rise or fall together, and we are determined to rise.”

The president’s response was straight to the point, outlining Bush’s absence when Trump was being excoriated during his impeachment proceedings.

[email protected] “Oh bye the way, I appreciate the message from former President Bush, but where was he during Impeachment calling for putting partisanship aside. @foxandfriends He was nowhere to be found in speaking up against the greatest Hoax in American history!” Trump tweeted.

Trump has long been seen as an “outsider” when it comes to Washington DC, and former President Bush’s lineage couldn’t be any further from this sort of sentiment.