Trump Tweets Conjure Accusations of Witness Intimidation

Today, as former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was testifying, the President seemingly couldn’t help himself.  Instead of waiting patiently for more bad news to be manufactured out of the mainstream media’s spin of the testimony, the Commander in Chief let the world have  piece of his mind on the subject.

That decision is now drawing heavy criticism from Democrats the nation over, but Trump was defiant.

Trump said that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff was “tampering” the impeachment hearings by not allowing the White House to have representation, and criticized him for not allowing Republicans to ask questions.

“I’ll tell you what tampering is, tampering is when a guy like Shifty Schiff doesn’t let us have lawyers,” Trump said, referring to the White House. “Tampering is when Schiff doesn’t let us have witnesses, doesn’t let us speak … and it’s really sad when you see people not allowed to ask questions, nobody’s ever had such horrible due process.”

He defended his right to talk about the witness on Twitter as Yovanovitch was testifying.

“I have the right to speak, I have freedom of speech, just as other people do, but they’ve taken away the republican’s rights,” Trump said.

Even 2016 runner-up Hillary Clinton stuck her nose into the nonsense.

Democratic operatives on Capitol Hill even believe that the tweets themselves could provide the basis for specific articles of impeachment pertaining to witness intimidation – an unprecedented reach, even for the ever-more desperate progressive party.