Trump Speech In Texas Under Examination

Well, folks, it looks like President Joe Biden might have given us some unconventional advice regarding marriage. We’re all likely to take Biden’s ‘wisdom’ and ignore that so much of our country is in turmoil right now.

During a speech in New Hampshire, the President referenced his own Catholicism and suggested that men should marry into families with five or more daughters. But it gets weirder than that. In a cringe-worthy comment, Biden told the audience that at least one of them will always love you…implying that even if his wife wasn’t on his side, he could always lean on one of her sisters.

Not only did Biden make this suggestion, but he also praised a 96-year-old man for having five daughters and said he would go straight to heaven because of it. I don’t know about you, but I trust the Bible over Biden when it comes to salvation.

Biden has promised to undo Former President Trump’s progress in protecting our Second Amendment rights. As we all know, the left loves to demonize gun owners and push for stricter regulations, but not under Trump’s watch.

Trump has been a strong ally of the NRA and the Second Amendment, appointing conservative justices to the Supreme Court and designating firearm shops as essential businesses during the pandemic. Trump has pledged to fire the director of the ATF on his first day in office, accusing the agency of being too hard on gun owners.

“In my second term, we will roll back every Biden attack on the Second Amendment. The attacks are coming fast and furious,” Trump said.

And as if these attacks on our constitutional rights aren’t enough, Biden’s campaign spokesperson accused Trump of not caring about public safety and only caring about what the NRA tells him to do.

“Tonight, Donald Trump confirmed that he will do exactly what the NRA tells him to do – even if it means more death, more shootings, and more suffering,” Biden campaign spokesperson Ammar Moussa said.

What a ridiculous and unfounded claim. It’s clear that Biden and the left are willing to attack the NRA and law-abiding gun owners instead of addressing the real root of the issue – mental health and criminals- which they let freely roam and invite into our country.

The left follows Biden in trying to Mock Trump for ‘freezing’ during a speech. Sadly, that’s their only play. As we all know, there are countless examples of Biden’s inadequacies. However, all the left can pull from is Trump’s theatrical pause during his speech.

And then there’s Biden…

Just in case you need more evidence of Biden’s mental fitness: